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Vibrant, Wild, ... Uniquely Delicious Hydration

Light, refreshing BANU Bamboo Water springs from the extract of bamboo leaves and purified water. Sourced from pristine forests from around the world, the result is healthy, hydrating, magical... BANU.


Crisp & Clean Subtle Green
Tea flavor

Orange Blossom

Delicate & Fresh Floral Citrus Flavors with Green Undertones

Lotus Blossom

Sweet & Light Vanilla and Floral Notes

Oro Blanco

Lively & Bright Notes of Grapefruit and Pomelo


Crisp Original, lively Oro Blanco, sweet Lotus Blossom, and delicate Orange Blossom offer four distinctly delicious tea-like taste experiences. Each bottle contains natural bio-available silica, an essential mineral found in bones, skin, and teeth, and flavonoids, plant-based antioxidants.

Please help us lower our carbon footprint by recycling your empty containers.

BANU'S Vision

To share the gifts of nature through the purest, highest quality products while nurturing and protecting the source.

Banu's Commitment to the environment- We will commit to planting 1000 trees per year through Trees for the future.

Protecting our trees, protects our soils, native plants, animals and cleans our air. They supply us with wood for our homes, heat for our fires, food for our table and a green future for the next generation.

We love trees. And yes we know bamboo is the tallest grass in the world.